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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Academia Avance

Academia Avance and graduates in cap and gown

Academia Avance is an inclusive middle and high school community that prioritizes student success and development above all else. Situated in Highland Park and serving this beloved community for years, Avance offers a different public school model. Here are 10 reasons to join our free charter school for grades six to 12: 

1. We provide rigorous preparation for college alongside real-world experiences, all in a professional academic setting. Avance graduates achieve amazing educational outcomes and go on to promising futures.

2. Our alumni attend, persist and graduate from all eight of the University of California undergraduate schools. Avance alum have gone on to attend almost all of the 23 Cal State Schools… from San Diego to Humboldt. Our students are prepared for the expectations and demands of college and career

3. Within LAUSD, Avance is in the top 10% of public high schools according to the CA state College Going Rate index. Our Avance alumni degree-earning persistence rate is over 75%;  2x the national norm. 

4. We balance and partner the California college A-G preparatory curriculum with development of real-world skills. Avance Seniors complete a professional internship in a setting aligned with their interests in one of over three dozen dynamic enterprises. Academia Avance’s Work Experience Education (WEE) pairs college ready seniors with professionals in the field to provide a mentorship experience before setting off to college. Avance students gain incomparable insights into the responsibilities and experiences needed for professional careers. 

Academia Avance and in-person graduation ceremony outside in the sunshine

5. We place great emphasis on the development of successful lifelong learning habits. Through projects, internships, and multi-cultural experiences, our Avance graduates earn unrivaled college and career awareness while in public high school. These dynamic educational opportunities narrow the achievement, opportunity and technology gaps.

6. At Academia Avance, we commit to teaching the whole child.  We are a small, close-knit, free 6-12 public middle and high school focused on building character alongside high-quality college prep academics and robust internships and career explorations. 

Academia Avance and 2021 graduation cap with poignant message about happily ever after

7. Because we are a small school we readily support every Avance student to pursue their unique, personal dreams, passions and goals and we are always striving to prepare our students for the future. The Academia Avance Expanded Learning Program (EXL) focuses on the well-being of our students  -- emotionally, physically, and mentally -- alongside academic growth. We actively and compassionately monitor, support, advise and truly listen to every students’ mental, social and emotional well-being during the school year.

8. Our students are well-rounded and pursue extracurricular and academic passions. Our athletics include Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheer, and Conditioning. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) offerings are filled with learning opportunities, hands-on experiences, and memorable moments. 

Academia Avance and graduation ceremony with graduates in chairs listening to graduation speeches

9. At Avance, all 6-12th grade students enroll in a “House” course. This program  develops a trusting and respectful relationship between students and House Advisor, a dedicated Avance teacher. As a result, each Advisor knows and helps every unique student  -- how they learn, grow, overcome obstacles and thrive while at our school. 

10. Avance’s Life Prep Program is a four year College and Career Readiness Curriculum. Academia Avance is on the front lines of changing the future for our small public high school students by offering every high school student a focused course of study on financial aid, testing, applying to colleges, real world work opportunities and more. The Life Prep Program at Avance prepares students to persist in college alongside full awareness of the expectations of the professional workplace. Three days a week every senior heads off to an internship in the medical, legal or business field. Mentoring, life skills and many networking and lifelong relationships begin. Internships can play a key role in enabling the next generation of able professional workers. 

As you can tell, Avance's Life Prep Program and Workplace Education Experience Internships create numerous adventures -- in academic and professional settings. Our project-based learning integrates science, math, history, writing and more. Plus we offer extracurriculars, athletics and other exciting learning opportunities for every student in grades 6-12. Enrolling now for the 2021-2022 school year. Join us!  

About Academia Avance

Avance sets the standard for public charter school excellence via rigorous college and career preparation that inspires a lifetime of learning and leading. We place quality education first, and we deeply value a professional culture of community, diversity and fiscal and social responsibility. Enrolling now for grades 6-12. Join us

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