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Staying Well: We Prioritize Health

Academia Avance and 2020 high school graduation stage with Principal and 
student in cap and gown

Among Avance's top educational priorities is ensuring students have at least one adult at school they can trust and proactively seek for assistance, support or guidance. To that end, Avance engages with every student 1:1 at our small public charter for grades 6-12. We actively and compassionately monitor, support, advise and truly listen to every students’ mental, social and emotional well-being during the school year.

Our school counselors have implemented an evidence-based multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) framework to holistically address students’ needs. Through MTSS, Avance is able to consistently provide support to struggling students. These supports and services include: 

• Individual or group social-emotional counseling services.

• Conflict Mediation, Resolution and Restorative Practices. 

• Student welfare checks using a teacher referral system and routine compassionate monitoring of attendance to ensure social, physical and emotional well-being of our Avance students. 

• Onsite counselors, school psychologist, and a school-based social worker who provide social-emotional and behavioral counseling services as needed.

Avance in the House 

At Avance, all 6-12th grade students enroll in a “House” course. This program  successfully enables our students to develop a trusting and respectful relationship with their House Advisor, a dedicated Avance teacher. 

As a result, our students feel comfortable seeking social-emotional support from their Advisor. And each Advisor knows the student and can troubleshoot or refer our counselors, school psychologist, and school social worker if deeper support needs arise. 

“...overall, Avance staff and faculty create a culture of support and confidence-building, creating a bond with each individual student that creates a lot of positive energy and self-confidence for any student.” Jose Chitala, Academia Avance alum, class of 2015, and current Avance staffer 

Community Supports 

 Avance has established partnerships with community counseling and therapeutic service agencies. Our students with intensive needs are referred to these agencies via Avance counseling staff and offer off-site and school-based therapeutic services.

Academia Avance and middle school staff with balloons for 8th grade graduationIn-school Supports for Every Student 

We have our own Avance Mental Health Hotline. This service is delivered by our Avance School Psychologist, School Counselor, Family Caseworker, and Interns. It’;s available to every Avance learner from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. 

Support for Avance Families 

We host Parent Support Groups and Parent Wellness Groups to provide parents and community stakeholders with emotional support, and compassionate yet critical information about what and why  a student's academic and emotional state can be triggered. These triggers include cultural, societal, personal trauma and more. Our Parent Support and parent Wellness groups are led by our school social worker.

Our Counseling Team

Student Services is an integral part of the academic and social-emotional success of our students. Our Student Services team is led by Angela Vizcaya, an 11-year staffer at Avance. Ms. Vizcaya and her colleagues are School Counselors and School Social Workers who advocate for the needs of all Avance students and collaborate and coordinate with staff, parents, and our community  --  to meet those needs.  Student Services include:

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Intervention Support Programs

  • Section 504 Accommodation Plans

  • Special Education

  • Referrals to outside agencies

  • Crisis response and management

Academia Avance and Bienvenidos sign at school BBQCore Values: Consciousness

Avance places great emphasis on supporting the whole student and everyone’s well-being. Even our Core Values reflect this and our first core value is consciousness. At Avance we revere consciousness as:                                                                             

  • Self-awareness that leads to physical and psychological well being.

  • Aware of the importance of global citizenship, which includes services to all levels of the community.

  • Understands the value of social justice and respects all human beings.

  • Understands the importance and value of effective work habits, including integrity, honesty and self-reliance.

At Avance, we never tire of partnering with our students and families to help every student achieve their academic, social-emotional, and life goals. Avance es mi coach!

Join us for the 2021-2022 school year. We are enrolling tuition-free now! Grades 6-12. 

About Academia Avance

Avance sets the standard for public charter school excellence via rigorous college and career preparation that inspires a lifetime of learning and leading. We place quality education first, and we deeply value a professional culture of community, diversity and fiscal and social responsibility. Enrolling now for grades 6-12. Join us

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