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Collaborative Writing

Google Docs


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Google Docs is an easy-to-use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor that enables you and your students to create, store and share instantly and securely, and collaborate online in real time. You can create new documents from scratch or upload existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. There's no software to download, and all your work is stored safely online and can be accessed from any computer.


Google Docs For Educators 



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PrimaryPad is another collaborative tool for schools. It’s a Web-based processor for collaborating with students in real time.




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Protagonize is a community that writes collaborative interactive fiction. One person starts the story, and others post chapters to the story that lead it in different directions. In the end it becomes an evolving story in which everyone can participate.




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SpringNote is an online notebook for collaboration. You can write down your ideas, create to-do lists, schedule, and work together on projects. It also has an iPhone application.



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StoryBirds are short, simple stories that connect you withothers. Two or more people can create a Storybird by taking turns writing their own text and inserting pictures. You can create your story with the person sitting next to you or with someone far away.




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TypeWithMe is collaborative text synchronized as you type. This means that others with whom you are sharing the page can see what you are writing as you write it.




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Writeboards are shareable, web-based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes. Use Writeboard to write solo or collaborate with others.


Zoho Writer


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Zoho Writer is an online word processor that offers users a number of helpful features. Users can share documents over the internet and collaborate with individuals or groups online. All collaboration changes are made in real time so the user is always viewing the most recent version of the document.  Zoho Writer also lets users import and export documents from Google Doc or their desktop. Offline support tools are available that allow users to access and edit documents even when they are not connected to the internet.