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Avance Is My Coach!

Academia Avance and graduates in cap and gown giving a peace sign

At Academia Avance, we commit to teaching the whole child.  We actively engage in dynamic educational opportunities for every student to narrow the achievement, opportunity and technology gaps.

We are a small, close-knit, free 6-12 public middle and high school building character alongside high-quality college prep academics and robust internships and career explorations. Culture and engagement are key at Avance; we are a school community that is inclusive and prioritizes student success and development above all else. 

Serving our Students 

Every Avance teacher is also a house leader. Avance House is more than just a homeroom. It is a partnership between the student, parent and house leader. Every house comprises up to 30 students, The guidance received in this small group format includes academics, career and professional advice, character development and personal growth.

Because we are a small school we readily support every Avance student to pursue their unique, personal dreams, passions and goals. We are committed to creating and guiding -- well-educated children. Bieno Locado! 

Academia Avance and students in computer labCommunity is Everything

We truly have an open door policy. We are here to support every student. To do this well, we also must serve the entire student family. We are all one Highland Park family! We are always available  -- appointments are not necessary. Our doors are truly open to engage and support one another, whatever the needs may be. 

Education is the Great Equalizer 

Avance has had a tremendous impact on our Highland Park community and we strive to do more. So many Avance alums return to work here with us because they know how special our school is and how valuable the work we do is for each dynamic student dreaming of their future

We embrace the American dream alongside every one of our 6-12th grade public charter school students. We are breaking cycles, removing barriers and enabling opportunities. Our students access educational awareness - so they know what college and career paths look like and which they prefer to pursue. And our Avance students -- not only pursue their dreams -- they persist

Expanded Learning Program 

We are always striving to prepare our students for the future. The Academia Avance Expanded Learning Program (EXL) focuses on the well-being of our students  -- emotionally, physically, and mentally -- alongside academic growth. The Expanded Learning Program is a free program for all Avance students in grades 6th -12th, enrolling year round. 

Our program consists of tutoring including 1:1 academic support and homework help.  Our athletics include Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheer, and Conditioning. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) offerings are filled with learning opportunities, hands-on experiences, and memorable moments. 

Academia Avance and cheerleaders in uniform with trophies

We provide academic tutoring, athletics, and enrichment activities. Students choose what they need or want to do each day. On a monthly basis, Expanded Learning incorporates social events like dances and athletic scrimmages. 

On a Mission

At Academia Avance, it is our mission to set the standard for public charter school excellence via rigorous college and career preparation.  We aim to inspire a lifetime of learning and leading in every one of our students. Our vision is to enable academic success, professional empowerment, and community leadership.

Join us! Enrolling now for fall 2021, Academia Avance is tuition-free for grades 9-12.

About Academia Avance

Avance sets the standard for public charter school excellence via rigorous college and career preparation that inspires a lifetime of learning and leading. We place quality education first, and we deeply value a professional culture of community, diversity and fiscal and social responsibility. Enrolling now for grades 6-12. Join us

Community Health Initiatives


Avance cares deeply about every student and family we serve. We are offering multiple health initiatives to help keep everyone safe in our community. From vaccination mandates to community health fairs to town halls; we are in this together. Read more

¡No Sólo Aceptación, Persistencia Universitaria!


Los egresados de Avance logran increíbles logros educativos y avanzan a prometedores futuros. Como escuela charter gratuita para grados 61-2, ofrecemos un modelo de escuela pública diferente para Highland Park.  Read more

¡Preparándose para el Futuro!


El programa de Educación en Experiencia Laboral (WEE por sus siglas en inglés) une a seniors listos para la Universidad con profesionales en el campo para brindar una experiencia de tutoría antes de partir hacia la universidad. Read more